The Benefit of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

The Benefit of Spray Foam Insulation

To date, very few home builders include spray foam insulation. Definitely not as standard. Definitely not less than $500,000 price points.

But wait, what is Meritage homes doing for prices around $300,000?

Meritage Homes is a top of the line home builder and has recently begun their panel building process which allows them to save money during the build process and pass that savings on to you. In their high end homes, they include spray foam insulation as standard. Thankfully, they’ve carried that on to their lower prices as well giving home buyers a high end finish in all of their homes.

What makes spray foam so different?

Like normal insulation, spray foam is applied prior to the drywall being put up. It is sprayed in all exterior surfaces. However, spray foam is much more air tight than traditional insulation. There is currently no better product to keep outside air where it belongs: outside. The heat of summer and cold of winter have much less impact on the temperature of interior air. This helps you save on utility bills. Comparing spray foam to traditional insulation is similar to comparing a Yeti cup to a Styrofoam cup: by using modern technology, you keep what’s inside warmer or cooler longer.

Additionally, spray foam is applied on the underside of the roof. In the photo below, you can see spray foam on top and the old style insulation laying on the floor below. New homes won’t have both materials, only one or the other, but this image does a good job of depicting the difference in application.

Spray foam compared to traditional foam

By insulating the upper surface, you are keeping your attic at cooler temperatures. Traditional insulation has no insulation on the roof: as shingles soak in the sunlight, they let all of that heat transfer into your attic. The difference is so powerful that many Meritage model homes leave the attic completely open to the rest of the home so you can experience the difference immediately.

Ready to have this in your new home? Reach out today and we can schedule a time to see the benefits first hand.

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